What Does Faja Mean In English?

Las Mejores Fajas Colombianas

If you've never heard of the word before, you might be wondering what is a faja in English?  According to Webster's Dictionary, faja is defined as "a wide bright sash worn around the waist by Spaniards and Latin Americans."  In simple terms, it's essentially a corset worn by women to either look sexy and/or for body shaping and support reasons.

The fajas colombianas are the type of faja that is in high demand, and this is mostly due to the high-quality materials sourced from Colombia.  The production processes for fajas are simply above standards than most other countries and this is likely due the Colombian tradition for making high-quality garments, such as the fajas.

Fajas in Colombia

 Fajas are used to shape your body, so you can use it daily.  Often they're used for developing the proportion of your body, and to reduce fat.  Fajas are used to train your waist.  Fajas Colombianas are even used during pregnancy so you reduce the possibility of being overweight (and for fluid reduction).  Additionally, fajas are used to shape the buttocks.

Full body fajas are also good to prevent varicose veins.  After surgeries, fajas are also used to maintain the body for reducing fluid in the body and help to shape for post-surgery recovery.

Corsets and Fajas

People often use corsets and fajas interchangeably, as they likely became popular around the same time.  In English, people are more likely to refer to these types of garments as corsets.  Spanish-speaking people likely refer to the style of the garment as a faja, with fajas colombianas being revered as one of the most desirable due to the facts above.

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