Waist trainer results

Waist trainer Before and After

To achieve this goal of before and after look, it is not recommended to buy a Waist trainer walmart  or waist trainer ebay without talking with a specialist in fajas and sizes, fajas or shapewears are personal and unique buy, without good advice on your current measures, you will be subjected to live a hell of dissatisfaction for a bad purchase, custom colombian fajas are something that in special occasions are required for after your surgery like BBL, Tummy Tuck or lipo, be very careful when buying a Post Op faja that offers lower price and lower quality, you get what you pay for.

That is why in Sexy FC, fajas Colombianas, we not only offer you the best  consulting, we also take care that your shapewear is as unique as you are.


Are you looking for a POST OP FAJA?





Are you looking for a Waist Trainer and a back pain release?

These waist trainers are not just for the gym, we have options for the newspaper, for the office, shopping, visits with friends etc, these will not make you sweat like the ones mentioned above.



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