Fajas Colombianas

Sales Are Final. There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for all fajas and products you buy on once purchased.



When you purchase one of our Fajas, you are subject to purchase in stock and out of stock products.

If the product is in stock it will be shipped to you as soon as possible as stipulated in our shipping policies, if the product is out of stock you are subject to wait for it to enter the U.S. warehouses with a time of 2 to 4 weeks.

Keep in mind that you are buying an ORIGINAL Colombian product, our factories are in Colombia and our warehouses are in the U.S.

What if I don't want to wait for my shapewear?

You have the follow options:
1- wait for the arrival time and receive an additional gift. You’re the first to know. This best-seller’s back in stock and ready to ship.
2- ask for a refund before your out of stock Faja Colombiana is shipped, this means that you will have maximum 1 week after purchansing a Faja Colombiana to request it. Please allow 3-4 business days for the refund to reflect back on your card.
3- ask for an exchange of the original purchase for another similar product in stock.


Dear customer: - We will send an email when we do not have the color or style you want, if you do not respond to it within 48 hours automatically you are  giving us authorization to send the color and style that we consider will fit your needs. Likewise, it will remain subject to our return policies.



We work with a strong security system to avoid fraudulent purchases.
If you make the payment and our system detects it as fraudulent or scam, the order will be cancelled immediately. 

Please note that:
- we are not a financial institution, therefore we will have no information on when the money will reach the original card owner's bank account.

-If you have been a victim and someone has used your card or bank account, please note that we are not a banking entity, and therefore we will not be able to help you in any process of cancellation of collection, once the purchase is made on our website and without fraudulent signal problems, this purchase will be effective and final once the product leaves our warehouses.

Remember that it is your responsibility to handle your money.



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